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Solo Cleaner vs. Company-based Cleaning Services

July 2, 2024

Knowing the differences between solo cleaners and company cleaning services can make all
the difference in achieving your cleaning and organization goals.

It is natural to enjoy a clean living space in our homes. It de-stresses us and gives us a sense of
stability, order, satisfaction, and overall happiness. However, because our lives have differing
levels of busyness, we don’t always have the time to dedicate ourselves to cleaning, whether it’s
an hour of tidying up, or 4 hours of deep cleaning. And sometimes, there’s just too much to do
and not enough time to get it done. We know that dreaded feeling when you’ve invited guests
over, only to realize that the house is a wreck and you only have a couple of days to make the
place look presentable. You’d do it yourself, but you didn’t budget enough time to get that kind
of cleaning operation done.

That’s where hiring a cleaner comes in. Having someone come in to do the scrubbing and the
sweating of deep cleaning takes the responsibility and stress of managing the messes in your
home off of your shoulders. Just think for a moment how good that would feel… the things that
need doing are done, everything is in its place, and your environment looks and smells nice
down to the nooks and crannies you normally might ignore. And you didn’t have to lift a finger! If
you’ve never experienced that kind of stress-relief, it’s about time that you treat yourself to a
high-quality cleaning experience!

But how do you go about deciding who should come to clean your home? You have options out
there that could work for you and your household. Perhaps the two most common are hiring a
solo cleaner or hiring a company-based cleaning service. Both have their advantages and
disadvantages. Let’s look at these more closely.

The Perks of a Solo Cleaner

When you hire a solo cleaner, you have the freedom to choose any single cleaner out there to
get the mess out of your home. If you have a dedicated solo cleaner, he or she will typically
have the opportunity to get to know your house very well, learn your preferences, and work with
you one-on-one to help you obtain your cleaning and organization goals. You can also expect
some level of consistency in the way that your solo cleaner operates.

While these are all great things, there is the occasional hiccup in such a service. What if your
house cleaner had to cancel last-minute due to illness or an emergency? Yes, we all know that
life happens, but when you have that family gathering coming up tomorrow evening and you
don’t have the time to do it yourself, you need to have that cleaning done today! Or what
happens if you happen to be providing the cleaning materials for the house cleaner yourself and
you forgot to add window & glass cleaner to your shopping list and you’re fresh out? While it’s
true that these things can and do happen, it’s not fair to you to have to miss out on the cleaning
your home deserves.

The Many Benefits of a Company-based Cleaning Service

Utilizing the services of an established, company-based cleaning service is a little different than
working with solo cleaners and comes with even more benefits! While it is true that company
prices can be a bit higher than solo cleaners, it comes with a host of benefits that you might
otherwise be missing out on.

A reputable cleaning company will have a team of trained professionals who are well versed on
the latest and greatest cleaning methods as well as safe practices. For example, did you know
that it is dangerous to combine ammonia products with bleach-based products? A professional
cleaning service will be well versed on these products and their nuances to keep you and your
household safe from hazardous materials.

What if you have a larger house? Hiring out one person to clean the house could mean that they’re
working over the course of several days. On the other hand, with a cleaning service, you could enjoy
the perks of having several cleaners working simultaneously around your home, achieving great amounts
of work in a much shorter timeline.

A professional cleaning service will also guarantee a high-quality job completed to your
satisfaction every single time. This also means that you will have a reliable crew of cleaners
who can perform recurring cleanings without you having to worry about last-minute
cancellations due to car troubles or sickness. In other words, you will always have a stable crew
with a guarantee of having someone ready to do a professional job on a consistent basis. This
grants you peace of mind and a great deal of security. You know what else gives you a sense of
security? Insurance. Like any good business, cleaning services are backed by insurance to
protect against accidental damage to your property or injury to a third party.

What Makes Marina’s Cleaning Services Different

At Marina’s Cleaning Services, not only do we meet all of the expectations that you would
expect from a quality cleaning company, but we also take excellent care of our staff. We boast
hard-working people whom we believe deserve to be paid well for the amazing work that they
do. That being said, we pride ourselves in paying high hourly wages to our providers so that
they are not just surviving, but thriving! Each employee is provided with a good work-life
balance, and we encourage family vacation and days off. We support our teams and treat them
like our own family. Happy workers are excellent workers. And excellent workers mean that you
reap the benefits of having the beautiful, clean home that you deserve.

Marina’s Cleaning Services promises a safe, trustworthy, and reliable option for your family.
Check in and check out is easy, and we can work with your schedule. Heck! You don’t even
have to be home for us to get the job done. Just tell us where to go and what to do, and we will
make the magic happen! Whether you’re needing a deep cleaning, wanting to schedule a
routine cleaning, or if you’re moving out or moving in and need the place looking spotless, we
are here to serve you. We will put your mind at ease and guarantee a professional touch to your
home every single time.

Author: Kathleen Solis, Content Creator for Marina’s Cleaning Services LLC