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Meet Marina: The Story Behind Our Name

August 4, 2023

Who is Marina? We get this question so many times. While our Founders names are Rocio Munoz, Fernanda Niemeier, and Jacob Niemeier, the business is named after Marina, a very special woman to them. Keep reading and you will soon find out who Marina is!

Meet Marina Castillo, the inspiration behind our business name and core values. Marina was a wonderful daughter, sister, wife, and mother to twelve children. She was born in Jalisco, Mexico on December 6th of 1930. While Marina and her husband Jesus were very poor, they always taught their children to be men and women of good, to always serve others and cherish every blessing with which God provided them. Marina had so many responsibilities as a mother of twelve, so she taught all her children to cook, clean, and care for their home. She always said, “Aunque seamos pobres tenemos que ser limpios” which translates to “Even though we are poor, we have to be clean.”

Marina embodied the values of excellence, charity, honesty, and fun; she was so generous even though she had very little, she never hesitated to help a neighbor, she strived for excellence in everything she did, she was honest, and she knew how to make her family laugh. It is because of her that our family has had the determination to start our own cleaning business, and what better way to honor her memory than to name our business Marina’s Cleaning Services. We are a family business and Marina is the mother and grandmother of two of our founding members, two people who would not be who they are today without the example and guidance of Marina. This is Marina, our legacy and the inspiration behind our company name.

Now you know the story behind our name! Marina was such an incredible woman and an inspiration to everyone that ever met her, so it is our absolutely pleasure to operate as “Marina’s Cleaning Services LLC” and share with the world a little of Marina Castillo’s legacy!

Author: Fernanda Niemeier, Co-Founder of Marina’s Cleaning Services LLC.